Toph experimented with her greatest, not, to protect Appa out-of getting taken from the sandbenders

Pursuing the Hundred year War, Toph Avatar, only to join support with them whenever she read Appa traveling across the Beifong Metalbending Academy prior to the latest skirmish from the Yu Dao. Due to the fact that he was deep in the meditation having Roku, Aang didn’t apparently immediately know that she got came back; not, once they had landed, he greeted the girl having an embrace exactly as Katara and you may Sokka had, a matter produced a bit tough from the simple fact that he previously certainly outgrown Toph in the last seasons (paid by their flexing off along with her sitting on the tips out of her leg for the kiss).

Pursuing the conflict, Aang plus encouraged Toph to eat create very she is „healhty“ and an enthusiastic „motivation so you’re able to earthbenders every-where“, no matter if she just discover a number of delicacies becoming tolerable. [27] [28]

Within the arrest of Yakone, Toph however called the Avatar by the nickname „Twinkle Feet“, even with his problems he try 40 years dated, he considered to be „too-old to possess nicknames“. [29]

Toph disliked and you may dreaded flying, because it made the lady it’s blind and you may severed this lady link with the earth; at the best, she seemed alternatively bored and you can restless if you find yourself flying to the Appa. This was emphasized when she reported having noticed the latest titular collection off Appa’s straight back, in order to encourage their friends that she is actually blind. [30]

Toph expressed hate on the Appa whenever she angrily pointed out that Appa’s losing left a massive walk that invited Azula to track down him or her no matter what much or fast they flew. [16]

She are struggling to fight the lady toughest, given that she is actually possessed which have staying Aang, Katara, and Sokka’s merely leave away from a historical collection away from falling on the sand, and that curtailed this lady show. This caused the woman to help you falter for the protecting Appa, one thing she tearfully apologized to your bison for less than her breathing as he was pulled away. [30] Whenever Aang angrily lashed out at this lady for failing woefully to protect Appa, she failed to try to protect herself within her common styles and you will remained silent, showing you to she blamed herself greatly to possess shedding Appa in spite of the points having caused it to be impossible to help save your.

Toph, plus folks, is overjoyed observe Appa once more when he gone back to the newest classification at the River Laogai. [31] Despite their persistent dislike to own traveling, Toph cared about Appa for the later on periods.


Toph harbored higher respect and empathy toward this type of pets. Whenever she was younger, she went on the move and met such monster earthbenders for the a cavern. She accepted by herself inside, since she knew their loss of sight. They exhibited their love as well and in the end coached the woman earthbending, such as their technique for sensing the land as capable of seeing. New badgermoles was indeed Toph’s kostenlose Tattoo Dating-Seiten correct positives and also for so it cause, she displayed regard if you are sharing her or him. [7]


Bolin got started to idolize Toph as the discoverer out-of metalbending and another of the best earthbenders of all time. Toph fulfilled Bolin whenever she got together having Lin and you may Opal to their mission so you’re able to save your self the rest of Suyin’s nearest and dearest. Toph was doubtful regarding Bolin’s hopeless feelings and you may shaped a tremendously negative feeling out of him when she learned that he’d just after worked for Kuvira, particularly for her granddaughter’s boyfriend. not, Toph performed beginning to warm up to Bolin throughout their travels. As they camped, she proclaimed that she could have trained your to metalbend from the the girl academy, although Bolin are some embarassed of their incapacity to complete thus, Toph is actually satisfied when he showed that he might lavabend. The following day, it has worked and additionally Lin so you’re able to save your self the newest Beifong household members. Towards the end of your own travel, Toph and you may Bolin had a friendly matchmaking, but he could still irritate the girl: When Toph are saying farewell in order to the girl daughters, Bolin interrupted the brand new heartwarming second, and you may Toph wished with the rest of her relatives a secure travel right back to the „gumflapper“. [1]