Your brand is the red thread, which pulls you through your inner and outward appearances, through your communication, your products, projects and events, whether you are a business, an organization, a place or a region.
Our red thread is the accompaniment of your brand from the development stage, over the communication and implementation stages to the brand coaching for the established brand.




To deal with our projects with resonance, we love that…and our customers

Brand coaching

If Mary Poppins wore hard leather, Bruce Willis drank butter milk and the Smurfs were orange, then it is possible there has been a mistake in the brand management and the brand has slipped onto the wrong track…
Institutional blindness and the irresistible urge for something new are real enemies of a consequential brand management Disguised as apparently innovative ideas, they creep in and are the cause of question marks and diverse opinions amongst customers.
The ec»partners lend you an objective eye and ear, analyse whether hard leather, butter milk or orange fit to your overall picture and present an attractive brand specific variation, or whether they are actually a brand „whoops“!
With brand coaching we can take „brands gone astray“ and together bring them back on the track to success and back to the brand´s red thread.

Brand Constellations

Systemic Organizational Constellations is an efficient solution orientated method to visualize complex situations and get a clear strategic answer for the measurements to be taken; it is a method which has taken on more and more importance within the world of branding.
In terms of the brand, it delivers an efficient and impressive impact on what is really going on, and consequently contributes to the next steps and measures.
The target of the Brand Constellations Method, developed by Clemens Krausgruber is to create solutional pictures, from which emerge ideas of correlations and ressources around the brand. In doing so you will come much closer to the spirit of your brand and therefore to your red thread. Just call us and we will be there.

Brand development

Successful brands are those which are unique. They stand for a specific feeling. They make a clear announcement. The customers know where they stand.
The ec»partners support you with identifying the substance, the unique nature and the fundamental nature of your product or offer. We do not re-invent the wheel rather we accompany you on an inward journey. Together we look for what really constitutes the essence and authenticity of your product.

Brand promotion

Once we have defined the brand essence, its values and its positioning and typical personality, what happens next? How do we bring to life this individual, emotional impact which meets the requirements at the heart of your business? How will it be felt in your inner and outer business communication? The ec»partners support you step by step with the brand promotion.

This includes

  • the development of a clear brand language
  • Workshops for precise brand promotion and proposal preparation
  • Implementation of the brand in the organization’s entire communication
  • Brand management in press and publication
  • Adaption of current brand management and development of new products and measures