A strong partnership

Appreciation, trust and a solution orientated approach is, for us, what constitutes the major part of a partnership. Not only in co-operation with our business partners, but also with each other. That is why we have enjoyed working so well together since 2005.

With all our projects – whether in brand development or communication, in consulting or coaching – it is our concern to make productive use of the existing resources and abilities, and together with our customers find a solution to the issues that arise on the way to reaching their target. In this regard we refer to the proven systemic bases and methods which we have become acquainted within the framework of our education and training, experience and professional expertise , and which we have applied and further developed. And…naturally we rely on our long years of self-awareness and self-knowledge.

We are in heart and soul systemics and feel particularly connected to the Heidelberg Research Institute and its employment of the methods of systemic structure constellations as well as the hypnosystemic attempt by Milton Erickson.
Out of our long years of experience in completely different economic fields, as leading figures in well-known businesses and organisations, as advisor and coach, there has been, since 2000, the development of a strong co-operation as a systemic business consultant. After 15 years in operation, we have together decided on a new position: on the one hand we return, strongly reinvigorated, to our roots; on the other hand we broaden what we offer to include an efficient coaching programme.