Executive Coaching

You face a problem, a decision to make or a reorganization, in any case, a challenge. Point? As soon as you have the feeling you might lose the road to a solution, the ec»partners are on site to lend you support, to gain an overview and to develop some solution strategies.


ec»partners: We are here…

A telephone call or a mail is enough and we will come to you for an initial discussion, then you can decide, whether you want to take up the red thread with us.


The Executive Coaching Programme is a methodically led form of self and metareflexion, a proven approach to finding quickly and effeciently a solution to professional challenges.
Take a hold of your issues, before they take a hold of you in your head. We are there – wherever you want to work on an issue –, we bring along a tightly packed case of methods and support you on your way to a successful solution.

The Flying Coach: short and concise


Lost the red thread?

In some situations we construct a „reality“ mostly by ourselves.; the „terrible customer“, „always this bank“ und then „the business partners who has no understanding of my needs“,, and then…naturally… all the colleagues as well… Perhaps you ask yourself, what is the point of it all?…
But; buried in this construction of „reality“ is a gigantic potential: You can learn to apply your abilities and resources so that you can come as quickly as possible to a solution……….and with this you take up the red thread again.

We are ready for Takeoff & Landing

with tried and tested systemic tools we take off from stress –and mental coaching – because for us, in the foreground stands the systemic solution orientated business consultancy.

because you, as a person, are the focal point. Together, using your own abilities and resources, we develop efficient and long-lasting measures to solve your issues.

Thus we get back into action quickly, have clear goals before us and avoid being side tracked.

Systemic Organizational Constellations


Systemic Organizational Constellations offer a very efficient solution orientated method. Before you ask yourself question after question about a challenging situation, and dance around with the problem, you can manage a simple and efficient overview.
How what stands in which connection? Where is the solution most likely to appear? What is still needed on the way to achieving the goal? The aim of Systemic Organizational Constellations is to build pictures of the solutions, to give an explanation about connections and resources.